Dwight Minto, Principal

"Priory Infant Department in St. Ann, Jamaica West Indies has benefitted greatly from the Tree Branch Foundation. The school was up for certification by the Early Childhood Commission but there was one hurdle, we needed an alternate exit. We are proud to say that the Tree Branch Foundation donated money to fund this venture, now the school is certified, and we are extremely grateful. The children and staff members of the Priory Infant Department have received various gifts, cash, barrels of food, clothing, shoes, groceries, educational materials and so much more. We need more organizations like Tree Foundation in our world, they are selfless, generous, and considerate. They have made an impact and left an indelible mark on our hearts; the less fortunate children have been blessed by this extraordinary group of people. Keep up the good work and we will cherish the gifts you have donated so abundantly. God bless you all."

Winnette & Sons

"Tree Branch Foundation is a wonderful organization it has changed so many lives including my children. Thank you so much for the clothes and laptop you provide for Jaden it has been very helpful to him and I'm sure it will continue be helpful for a long time. Thank you so much Tree Branch Foundation. May the good Lord continue to bless and keep all its members."

S. Benjamin

"I am very pleased to say that my experience of associating with Tree Branch Foundation has been excellent and I feel it is a privilege too. My appreciation goes out to the leaders of the foundation for the excellent work that they are carrying out in uplifting and providing the necessary care and assistance to children and those in need. This foundation has been of great help to me by supplying a lot of educational supplies and other items which I am thankful for. I am honored to be a part of the organization in a small way and shall try to remain so. My good wishes to Tree Branch Foundation to continue reaching out to people who need them the most. Keep up the good work."

Regine Elie, Executive Director

"Letter of Gratitude from Healthy Babies, to Tree Branch Founder, Maureen Braimbridge from Regine Elie, Executive Director February 6, 2023 Today, I am writing with profound gratitude in my heart for the gift of continual support Mrs. Maureen Braimbridge has personally poured out to our young families for the past 15 years. Maureen’s dedication to supporting young families through a series of activities and events to contribute to the youth agenda of empowerment and upliftment was a key factor in letting our young families feel heard. A few of the main initiatives that I would like to mention, led by Maureen for our families were: scholarship support, Christmas sponsorship, clothing donations, mentorship, groceries and more. Even during the COVID pandemic she did not forget us and would reach out to assure that all was well and send out notifications to our network of support for supplies we needed. Maureen has supported Healthy Babies Project (HBP) tremendously. HBP is a private, not-for-profit, community-based support organization for District of Columbia pregnant and parenting teen families. Its mission is to help at-risk DC families have healthy babies and move out the cycle of poverty. Our work and the support we give to the families we help is implemented also thanks to the donations we receive from several partners. Maureen played a key role in the support of the organization from her drive to help people in need. Maureen’s initiates care and energy for the volunteer work she was carrying out with HBP. She has definitely dedicated herself through the passion she put into the cause, a quality that I am sure will serve her well in life. Allow me to extend my deepest thanks for Maureen’s support for Healthy Babies Project and our families."